Who should have a remedial massage?


Remedial massage is a type of therapeutic practice intended to complement other rehabilitation efforts to manage pain and injury throughout the musculoskeletal system. While relaxation massages like Swedish or oil massages are intended to promote relaxation and a feeling of pleasure, remedial massage is focused on correcting issues throughout the body, like promoting the healing of damaged muscles. 

Most people have aches, pains and injuries that can benefit from remedial massage, but if you are looking for some more specific examples of what it can do for you then the list below should give you a good idea of the types of people that should book a few session of remedial massage with their local therapist. 

People who have sustained an injury

Remedial massage is first and foremost intended as a rehabilitative aid. It is particularly useful for people who have sustained a tissue injury such as damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. Through deep tissue massage, therapists can stimulate the injured area and promote healing. If the injury is causing pain, then remedial massage can also reduce patient suffering and help facilitate a better range of motion in tortured tissues and joints. 

People who suffer from chronic back pain

Back and neck pain can be caused by impact injuries, stress and overuse of muscles. It can be one off, chronic or intermittent and because the back is the core connective structure for the rest of the body, pain in the back can affect almost any other part of the body including the neck, arms, shoulders and thighs. Remedial massage can not only help manage the pain but can also help remediate the cause of the issue. 

People who suffer from frequent headaches 

While headaches can have a number of origins, frequent headaches are often caused by tension in the neck. A remedial massage therapist can help identify the cause of the pain and work to reduce the tension in the muscles by easing knots, reducing stress and helping to stimulate healing in damaged tissues.  

People who have difficulty with poor postureback chiropractor treatment

Poor posture and related issues have become a common occurrence in modern society. Living a sedentary lifestyle, particularly sitting in the office or on the couch all day, can cause serious imbalances in muscles and develop as pain, tension and weakness. Remedial massage can help ease symptoms of poor posture and rebalance the body, assisting patients with correcting the way they hold themselves and reducing the chance of reinjury. 

People with low joint mobility and flexibility

Low joint mobility and flexibility can seriously limit torso, neck and limb range of motion, and by extension restrict the kind of activities sufferers can engage in. Low joint mobility and flexibility can come from a number of conditions including arthritis, sciatica and muscle overuse. The pain and restricted motion often come from tension in the muscles surrounding the joint. Remedial massage therapists can employ pressure, stretching and mobilisation exercises to reduce the stress in the muscles and get the blood flowing into the area again. This can do a lot to help improve the condition of the joints and manage the pain that sufferers often experience. 

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