Pre & Post Natal Pilates

Our prenatal pilates classes in Leichhardt, Inner West helps take care & look after the ever changing body during pregnancy.

During pregnancy women will notice a big change in their bodies, mood, hormones and their whole system. The body will naturally change shape and the hormone, relaxin, will be secreted to loosen up the connective tissue and ligaments around the pelvis and joints to prepare for birth. With all this change it is so important to take care and look after the body. One way is through exercise and Clinical Pilates specifically.

Pre-Natal Pilates, Leichhardt Inner West

Pre Natal Pilates is a safe form of exercise that will carry the woman through her pregnancy and aid in overall prenatal care. The benefits that Pilates can provide is support for joints as the weight and load increases, strengthening the pelvic and lumbar region as the spine goes into more of a lordosis and strengthening core muscles to provide support for the mother and baby.

As muscles become increasingly lax this can cause some pelvic girdle and pubic pain in some pregnancies. Through correct guidance Pilates can decrease pain, swelling, improve posture and improve sleep.

Consult your GP before commencing any exercise during pregnancy as every woman is different.

Post-Natal Pilates, Leichhardt Inner West

After having a baby it can be hard to resume exercise and find time for the mother to get the care she needs. After the first 6 weeks it is very important to get a clearance from the GP and resume gentle exercises more specifically, Pilates which is the safest form to start again.

Post-natal Pilates is the perfect after care for women to regain pelvic control, pelvic floor, pelvic stability, core control and slowly load muscles again. Through specific Pilates exercises we can help re train muscles and provide stability for the body again. During pregnancy the linea alba and abdominal muscles separate to create room for the baby. There are specific Post-natal exercises that will help to close the linea alba and correct your abdominal separation.

Our instructors at Incline Health are specialists and highly qualified in Pre and Post-natal. They will provide the ongoing support to take you through your pregnancy and through to your after care during Post-natal early stages.

Pre-Natal Clinical Pilates Reformer Session

Pre-Natal Clinical Pilates, safe effective method to prepare expecting mothers for birth

How do our Pre and Post-Natal Pilates classes differ from normal Pilates?

Pregnancy Pilates Classes

It is important to keep active and fit during pregnancy. Pilates is a great form of exercise to maintain throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Each person will have a different experience throughout pregnancy, some experiencing pain. Some common areas of pain can be in your back, hips/pelvis, neck and shoulders. Our classes are pre-natal specific which means we can tailor exercises specific to your stage of pregnancy and help you feel more in control as your body changes throughout the three trimesters. Exercises will be personalised and specific to each individuals needs with only a maximum of 3 people in a class. The classes will be pre-natal specific, giving extra attention to pelvic floor muscles that will work hard during labour, and also only giving exercises that are safe for pregnant women. Our instructors are experts in this field so you can feel safe knowing you can enjoy your Pilates sessions.

Post-Natal Pilates Classes

After 6 weeks it is important to be cleared by your GP to return to exercise and Pilates. It is important to do an initial assessment with our trained Pilates instructors to assess your pelvic floor and abdominals that may have separated during pregnancy before you join the small tailored class. Our post-natal classes in our Leichhardt, Inner West Sydney location will be a supportive environment focusing on specific exercises to help with regaining and retraining pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. They will also help improve muscle tone and mobility especially after hours of feeding. You can also feel happy to know you can bring your baby along to your class and be in a supportive environment with other mothers in the same position.

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