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Clinical Pilates is a low impact exercise that works out the entire body, strengthens the muscles and improves movement and flexibility. It is an extension of traditional Pilates and uses evidence-based stretches and exercises to rehabilitate injuries and reduce pain in areas such as the back and neck.

Our clinic offers clinically trained Pilates instructors to provide you with a targeted exercise regime that is optimised to help bring function and movement back into your life.




Physiotherapy is the diagnosis and treatment of musculo-skeletal conditions through hands on techniques and exercises, intended to correct abnormalities in the ways that our bodies move and function.


At Incline Health our physiotherapy department uses proven, evidence based techniques to help treat and rehabilitate affected areas of your body, maximising your chances of recovery. Some of the techniques that we use include; PNF stretching and exercise based rehabilitation, massage, joint mobilisation, fascia and joint manipulation, trigger point therapy and dry needling. This balanced, multi-disciplinary approach helps strengthen your body, retrain your musculo-skeletal system and prevent pain and injury.


knee sports injury treatmentCHIROPRACTIC


Chiropractic is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of muscular and skeletal pain, with an emphasis on the structure and function of the entire human body.


The chiropractors at Incline Health are experts in non-surgical spine and joint care. Modern chiropractic addresses conditions that occur in your back and neck such as sciatic pain, muscle tension, sprain and strain injuries, whiplash, acute and chronic back and neck pain, slipped disc pain, arthritis and headaches. Our solid university background in research allows a tailored treatment with the very latest and most effective spinal care.


Traditionally chiropractors would only treat the spine, at Incline Health we treat all the joints and muscles in your body such as your wrist, elbow, shoulder, hips, knees and ankles.


This dedicated whole body approach supports a quick and effective recovery for all muscular and skeletal syndromes.





Remedial massage techniques are targeted to alleviate muscular tension throughout the body. A reduction in muscular tension is imperative in assisting with a reduced the risk of injury, alleviating tightness and restriction, decreasing stress, the maintenance of postural syndromes and dysfunction before it becomes a serious issue that interrupts your everyday lifestyle.


Therapists will use various treatment techniques and modalities as well as cross referencing with chiropractors if necessary to maximise the efficiency of treatment. Modalities include:






Dry needling is a specific procedure in which a thin acupuncture needle is inserted into the skin and muscle directly at a myofascial trigger point or muscular tendon to elicit a healing response. A myofascial trigger point is a focus of small muscle fibre knots, which are related to the production of pain. They often occur as a result of postural dysfunction and in areas of musculo-skeletal stress.


There are many similarities and differences between dry needling and acupuncture. Dry needling is based on Western medicine principles and it is increasingly used in the management of musculoskeletal and sports injuries.


Dry needling works by increasing blood flow and eliciting a reflex response to a muscle or tendon inducing a biochemical changes, which assist in reducing pain. At Incline Health we practice the principle of dry needling in combination with other therapies to increase the efficiency of your care.




Pilates instruction Incline Health

Impairments in movement and posture often cause the symptoms associated with musculoskeletal problems such as pain, joint stiffness, weakness and instability


Incline Health has a unique approach to rehabilitation aims to correct faulty movement and postures associated with functional activities such as sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, and work or fitness activities. With a vast network of medical professionals to assist in the rehab procedures, Incline Health strives to return patients to full function after injury.


In addition, an individualised therapeutic take home program will be prescribed to address the contributing factors and promote precision of motion changes.




Incline Health works closely with local and elite athletes. With strong links with the elite football clubs, futsal clubs, cross-fit and triathlon communities, our chiropractors are able to diagnose, treat and return all athletes to full function in the quickest possible time.


With the use of various techniques such as myofascial and active release techniques, ultrasound therapy, strapping techniques (kinesotape and rigid) and specific rehab modalities – the clinic is fully equipped to assist in the recovery of any sporting injury. Incline health has strong relationship with a number of leading sports physicians who can assist with any complicated case. This relationship allows a multimodal approach in which the athlete receives all necessary care without long waiting lists.




A posture assessment is an evaluation tool to assess the structure and function of your body. This assessment gives the chiropractor important information in terms of pain, joint function, muscular strength and specific areas which maybe causing dysfunction.


Proper posture ensure correct muscular function, decreases abnormal wear of joints that could lead to arthritis, prevents back and muscular pain and reduces. A posture assessment will analyze how you hold your body against gravity and find posture problems that can then be corrected.



Pain can be caused by a sudden event like acute injury or it can develop gradually into a chronic condition. Our team at Incline Health is expertly trained to draw from a number of disciplines to provide effective pain management, alleviating the sensation of pain as well as treating the underlying causes.


The primary form of pain management employed at Incline Health is chiropractic adjustment, which is designed to relieve pressure and tension in muscles, joints and nerves as well as correct underlying imbalances in the body. Aside from chiropractic treatment we also offer remedial and sports deep tissue massage, physiotherapy and pain management exercises that can be done outside of the clinic.




Sciatica is a feeling of pain, numbness or tingling in the sciatic nerve that can manifest in the lower back, buttocks and upper thighs. This is frequently caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, obesity, diabetes, various spinal conditions and pregnancy. Incline Health not only helps our patients manage the acute pain that comes with sciatica through treatments such as ice therapy, ultrasound and dry needling but we can often employ chiropractic adjustments to actually target the affected areas and correct the issues that are causing the sciatica in the first place.




Arthritis is a common condition that presents as joint pain and inflammation. Incline Health’s chiropractic adjustments are at the core of how we treat the condition, using gentle, controlled movements to manipulate the joints and spine, and help ease the symptoms of arthritis. This might include reduced inflammation, pain and tension, as well as improved movement.




Myofascial tissues extend throughout your body and provide support for your organs and muscles. When they become tight and hard they can result in pain and reduced movement. Acupressure and myofascial release are techniques used in combination with chiropractic care to help soften and lengthen these vital tissues, treating the pain and restricted movement at the source.