Leichhardt Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy at Incline Health Leichhardt looks at the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sport and exercise related injuries.

These are usually a result of inadequate preparation/warm up, direct trauma during play, or an early return from injury.

Types of Sport Injuries Our Physiotherapists Treat

The types of injuries our sports physiotherapy help with range from sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments, to bone injuries like acute fractures, stress fractures and joint dislocations. Below are a few of the most common type of injuries the physiotherapists see in the Leichhardt Clinic and some sports they’re often associated with:


  • Ankle ligament injury (netball, football, tennis)
  • Calf injuries (runners, crossfit, basketball)
  • Knee ligament injuries (football, rugby, skiing, martial arts)
  • Hamstring/quad/groin muscle injuries (Football, Rugby, Athletics)
  • Lower back (cricket, swimming, rowing, dancers)
  • Shoulder injuries (waterpolo, powerlifting, rugby, swimmer)
  • Elbow + wrist injuries (tennis, golf, martial arts)
Physiotherapist checking leg of the patient

Specialised Sports Physiotherapy Gym

If you are looking for Leichhardt sports physiotherapy, Incline Health has a specialised sports physiotherapy gym where our Physiotherapist can work with you from the onset of injury, through to the management and prevention stage.

The comprehensive setup ensures that every step of your treatment and sports physiotherapy can be completed in the Leichhardt clinic with the latest evidence-based diagnosis, treatment and return to sport strategies implemented.

Meet Our Sports Physio Therapist

Our Incline Health Physiotherapist Pat has over 10 years experience working with and along side elite and grassroots athletes from a range of sports including National level Track and field athletes, NPL soccer clubs, and Harold Matthews Rugby League teams.

Part of his role was developing pre-screening assessments and targeted injury prevention programs for teams and athletes, which has helped shaped his approach to many sports injuries. Being a passionate sports lover, and having played elite level soccer, Pat is able to bring his own experience from training and managing his own injuries to get the best outcome for his clients. Feel welcome to book your Leichhardt sports physiotherapy today.

Our Four Pillars of Practice

At Incline Health, we believe in delivering the best results to our customers. Our four pillars of practice help us deliver industry leading experience to you at our clinic or at home.

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