Clinical Pilates for Dancers

Whole body strength and coordination are crucial elements in becoming a competent dancer. It is particularly important to have strong feet and ankles to ensure stability and power. These attributes are essential in performing double and single leg work, as well as, when jumping and rising onto pointe. After your initial assessment, our team of Physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates instructors will identify areas for you to work on enhancing your dance conditioning and preventing any injuries.

Pilates Private and Semi Private classes for ballet dancers

This specific exercise program (Clinical Pilates Dance Conditioning) is tailored to the individual’s needs with constant monitoring and progression. At Incline Health we reassess each participant every 4-6 weeks ensuring the development of strength, stability, and professional growth.

At Incline Health it is essential for each participant to perform 2-4 private (one on one) session to master and fully comprehend the technique of each exercise. This is dependent on the progression of each participant. From this point participants can move into a semi-private class with our other dancers. These classes will focus on the individual’s program whilst in a small group environment, fostering support and healthy competition.

Areas of key focus are:

  • Foot strength and stability
  • Ankle strength and stability
  • Knee strength and stability
  • Hip strength and stability
  • Core control
  • Trunk and lumbar strength
Ballet dancer in a Pilates private session

Get Started!

Clinical Pilates Dance Conditioning classes are held in our modern and beautifully appointed Pilates and incorporate the use of small and large apparatus including the reformer, Cadillac, ladder barrel, Wunda chair and spine corrector. Our Group Classes cater for a maximum of 3 people to ensure a high level of supervision is maintained throughout the class.

How to get started:

  1. Initial Physiotherapy Dance Assessment (Pre-Pointe Assessment and Report) 1hour $120 (health fund rebates available)
  2. Private one on one Clinical Pilates Dance Conditioning – 50 minutes $90 (health fund rebates available)
  3. Semi-Private Clinical Pilates Dance Conditioning (max 3 participants) 50 minutes $45 or $400 for pack of 10 session

Our Four Pillars of Practice

At Incline Health, we believe in delivering the best results to our customers. Our four pillars of practice help us deliver industry leading experience to you at our clinic or at home.

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