Pilates Franklin Air Soft Ball 21cm


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10 in stock


Ideal for pelvic floor exercises, the ball will enhance your Pilates workout and help develop strength, endurance and concentration as well as promoting relaxation and coordination. 

These soft Pilates balls are to aid your home exercise program by strengthening adductors, glutes and abdominals. It also offers a release to

The balls are anti-slip offering excellent grip. Ball size is down to preference though it’s common to have both sizes.

Additional information

The Franklin Method® is a unique synthesis of imagination, movement and experienced anatomy. The experienced anatomy is conveyed in such a way that the participants in our workshops and training courses can easily understand and implement it. The knowledge imparted gives the participants a better feeling for their body and its functions. In this way, what has been learned can be embodied. Adverse movement and posture patterns are uncovered and replaced by new ones.

The Franklin Method® should always be in the foreground. Our Franklin balls and the elastic exercise bands are training partners that support the techniques used, make it easier to feel and enable efficient endurance, coordination and strength training – always accompanied by images and embodiment of function.

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