The Benefits of Post-Natal Pilates

Plates reformer session for post natal client

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby! 

Becoming a mum is equal parts love, celebration, excitement and terror – especially when you realise a tiny, little human is 100% dependent on you!  

Pregnancy may take a toll on your body and leave you wondering ‘how will I ever regain the strength and movement I had before this bundle of joy came along?’  

You might want your ‘pre-baby body’ to bounce back as soon as possible but starting off right, laying the correct foundations, to prevent further injury now or even months or years down the track, is extremely important. 

Injured athletes don’t rush back out onto the field without appropriate rehabilitation, so it’s important new mums do the same. Taking time to heal your body and slowly build up to what you want to physically achieve.  

Every pregnancy and recovery are unique but with guided, specific core-based Pilates exercise, you will be able to get back to being you. 

Incline Health’s Clinical Pilates class and online Post Natal Pilates program are both ideal for getting back into exercise and tackling lower back pain, decreased core strength, abdominal separation and correcting pelvic floor issues. Easing you back into physical activity in a safe, supervised environment or in your own time in the comfort of your home.

Incline Health’s qualified physiotherapist and Pilates instructors are here to assess and design an exercise program specifically for you, to help regain strength and stability at an appropriate pace. 


Leichhardt Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates, Reformer Pilates. Inner West Pre-natal and Inner West Post-Natal Pilates
Leichhardt Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates, Reformer Pilates.


So, what are the benefits of attending an Incline Health Clinical Pilates class or signing up for the Post Natal Online program? 


With an emphasis placed on suitable exercise intensity for your stage in the motherhood journey, we will ensure all exercises are safe, so you can continue to strengthen your core whilst closing abdominal separation.  


With a substantial amount of time spent in those first few months feeding your baby – whether you breastfeed or bottle feed – despite best intentions of perfect posture, we can easily revert to a hunched-over position. 

Incline Health has devised stretches and upper-body exercises designed to work those posture muscles to help prevent strain through your neck and shoulders.  


Mum fitness is a thing. Whether you are feeding, changing, rocking your newborn to sleep or chasing an active toddler, your body will need to adapt to these new demands. 

Being able to lift safely, squat repetitively and balance groceries from trolley to car to kitchen bench will be your daily grind. Incline Health will strengthen legs, glutes and muscles you never even knew you had!


Regaining pelvic floor strength and control is imperative. It’s not only giving birth that can affect your pelvic floor. The weight of your baby pushing down over nine months of pregnancy can impact your pelvic floor too. 

It is important to engage and stabilise pelvic floor muscles to prevent issues later in life, even though you may not have symptoms at this stage of motherhood. 

Incline Health can show you how to focus on engaging and stabilising a new mum’s pelvic floor. 


Incline Health’s Pilates studio is a safe space. 

Motherhood has its challenges and everyone faces obstacles during their journey. We are here to support you. 

In the hour you spend in our Clinical Post-Natal Pilates class, you have the opportunity to chat with other mums going through what you’re going through. 

New mums can neglect their emotional and mental health needs when focusing on a new baby. 

It is vital to get out of the house – even if it is a challenging day – and focus on you and your body. 

The momentary shift will benefit you physically, emotionally and set a great base for moving forward in your motherhood journey. 

Incline Health is here for you – to be a part of your journey – whether in studio or online. 

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