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knee injury treatment James


Bachelor of Science, Masters of Chiropractic

James has been significantly involved throughout the local community for a number of years and is devoted to providing the best possible care to his patients.

With a strong focus on the biomechanics of the human body, James’ unique hands-on approach allows him to offer a complete and thorough method to managing injuries and overall enhancement of wellbeing.

James’ involvement with elite and local sport clubs: treating their athlete’s injury and enhancing athletic performance, allows him to provide a “multi-modal” approach to all patients under his care.

James has a special interest in Functional Training and Pilates. He applies these principles to excel not only sporting performance, but also overall function through everyday life.

neck and spinal adjustment by Jackie


Bachelor of Science, Masters of Chiropractic

Jackie is an integral part of Incline Health and has many years of experience as both a chiropractic clinician and a university clinical supervisor. With a strong focus on manual therapy and rehabilitation, Jackie is an expert in returning patients to full function and pain free in the quickest time possible.

Jackie has a particular interest in treating neck issues and headaches that has lead to her innovative “take home care” programs. Jackie has a strong passion for patient focused care allowing her to give maximum benefit to all her patients under her care.

Her close relationship with local GPs and other therapist allows Jackie tackle complicated cases with the upmost success. This multi disciplinary approach enhances all her patients care.

shoulder and neck massage by sonia


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Specialising in Sport

Sonia is Incline Health resident massage therapist and an integral of corporate massage and wellness programs. Sonia has a vast experience in dealing with postural syndromes, repetitive strain injuries and assisting in return to full function. Sonia has worked extensively with various elite sporting teams including the Australian Rugby Union and a number of NRL teams.

Through remedial therapy, myofascial release, trigger-point therapy and deep tissue massage, Sonia can relieve effects of everyday stress, headaches and muscular tension. Have passion for her work allows her to be a sought after therapist in the inner west of Sydney.

shoulder and neck massage by riannan


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Specialising in Sport

Riannan is the newest member of the Incline Health team, joining us as a massage therapist with clinical, sports and corporate experience. Riannan’s extensive experience allows her to assess client needs and provide hands on, first class care, to obtain amazing results for her clients.

Riannan has worked with some of Australia’s best athletes including; Cricket NSW, the Australian Rugby 7’s team and a number of NRL Teams, recently touring with the Australian Rugby League Team during the 2017 World Cup as one of their primary sports therapists. As a current international basketball referee herself, Riannan understands how important it is to have your body working in peak condition for all times of work, rest and competition.

Riannan’s utmost pride and professionalism in her field mean that she is one of the most sought after therapists in Sydney.

Patrick Buggé


Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise)
Master of Physiotherapy

Pat is an experienced physiotherapist who empowers his patients physically and mentally to recover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He treats a variety of musculoskeletal injuries ranging from the everyday niggles, to sports injuries and post op rehabilitation, and has a passion for helping athletes perform at their best.

Having trained in Pilates, Pat uses a movement based treatment model that combines hands on therapy, dry needling and corrective exercises to ensure patients leave the clinic moving well and equipped with the knowledge to prevent future issues.

As a father of an active toddler Pat ensures he keeps up his fitness with an early morning gym routine. He enjoys down time with the family, and all things food, especially if it involves a trip to his Nonna’s for a well cooked meal!

Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor


Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor

Stephanie is a qualified clinical Pilates Instructor and sports massage therapist. Stephanie graduated with a Diploma of Clinical Pilates at Pilates International in Melbourne. Her love of Pilates stemmed from her dance and musical theatre background as she found Pilates encouraged improvement in her posture and injury prevention.

She has worked alongside Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals within Australia and overseas. Stephanie has recently returned to Australia after 3 years managing a Pilates studio in London and running the pre and Post-natal clinic alongside women’s health specialists.

Career highlights include assisting the Pilates rehabilitation with Cirque Du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall in London for their season of Amaluna. Stephanie’s areas of clinical expertise include pre and Post-natal, men and women over 60, athlete conditioning, sports injuries, spinal/disc injuries and shoulder injuries.


Diploma of Remedial Massage
Specialising in Sport

Natasha is the newest member of the Incline Health team, joining us as a massage therapist with broad experiences in both clinical and sports environments. Over the past year alone, she has worked with some of the world’s most elite athletes and teams, being involved with Cricket NSW, a number of NRL teams and the French national team in the NRL 9s competition.

Natasha’s diverse and extensive experiences are evident in her expertise in catering for the needs of professional athletes, weekend warriors, or those simply looking to relieve the stresses of everyday life. Her passion for helping everyone to perform and feel their best is clearly demonstrated in her approach to each and every client, in any form of therapy she delivers. Having a background in competitive sport herself, has developed Natasha’s extensive background and understanding of the necessity of both active rest and recovery, which she advocates for all her clients.

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