SRC Pregnancy Leggings Over the Bump – Black


Pregnancy pushes your body nearly as much as extreme endurance sports.



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  • Can’t stand for longer than 2 minutes?
  • Having difficulty just walking around the house?
  • Dealing with increased pressure and heaviness in your groin?
  • Not to mention all of the stuff that no one warned you about like – low back pain, sciatic nerve pain, pelvic pain (SIJ, Symphysis Pubis pain) or vulval and varicose veins.

Over the bump products do not have any compression over the belly, however, some women prefer to be fully covered to achieve the feeling of extra support. 

Over the Bump:

  • If you want to cover the bump
  • If you like the feeling of extra support without compressing the bump

Additional information

Good to Know

Full length leggings provide the best venous return and are a fashion staple that can be worn like any other pair of black leggings. However, pregnancy leggings may not be preferable for women who live in warmer climates and are also going to be slightly more difficult to put on than our shorter styles.