Pain Management Treatment

Pain can be a constant companion for many people. From tension headaches and joint inflammation to muscle tension and lower back problems, pain can begin to cut into our ability to function effectively throughout the day.  

Incline health is a team of pain management experts with a strong sporting background, meaning that we understand both acute pain caused by sudden injuries and chronic pain caused by repetitive lifestyle factors. Our treatment plans are holistic, aiming to understand the root causes of your suffering and provide treatment, support and advice in and out of the clinic to help you overcome your pain and retake your life.

Chiropractic care is vital for anyone looking to manage or treat pain related to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Chiropractic adjustments through spinal manipulation, mobilization or other therapeutic care can treat pain related to joint misalignment, muscle tension and nerve pressure.

How chiropractic care can help with pain treatment and management:

At Incline Health, we are experts at alleviating acute pain caused by injuries and lifestyle factors and correcting the underlying causes of pain through expert adjustments and holistic care.

What treatment options do we offer:

Our treatment portfolio is intended to provide a range of treatment options, particularly therapies that work with chiropractic care to provide deep, effective relief for those suffering from pain related to the nervous system, bones and muscles. These treatments include: 

What makes Incline Health Services different?

At Incline Health, we not only provide in and out therapies but also an entire treatment plan to give you the best possible chance to overcome your pain and injuries. We have built our clinic on four pillars of care:

  • We treat each patient as an individual

Our management plans start with an analysis of our patient’s pain in a detailed consultation which we use to create a tailored treatment approach suited to their specific needs. 

  • We provide take-home care

In each case, we provide advice and ongoing support to help patients continue their care outside the clinic and in their everyday lives. From exercise programs to ergonomic advice, we ensure that our patients have the knowledge they need to maximise their recovery.

  • We take a multidisciplinary approach to pain management and treatment

At Incline Health, we blend the best of chiropractic care with complementary therapeutic disciplines to provide a balanced, effective approach to treating your pain.

  • We base our therapies on strong scientific research

We ensure that our therapies are at the forefront of new scientific advancements and are based on trusted research so that we can provide the best evidence-based therapies for our patients.

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