Injury Rehabilitation

Impairments in movement and posture often cause the symptoms associated with musculoskeletal problems, such as pain, joint stiffness, weakness and instability.

Incline Health is a rehabilitation centre that treats and manages all muscular and skeletal conditions. Our clinical focus on evidence-based rehabilitation allows fast and effective management to ensure our patients achieve optimal function in the shortest amount of time. Incline health has state-of-the-art physiotherapy and pilates equipment, enabling clients to access the latest technology in recovery from injury. Encompassing physiotherapy and chiropractic for acute rehabilitation needs, our patients have tailored programs that are essential to their presenting compliance. Our Pilates and massage therapists ensure that all aspects of the rehabilitation experience are covered.

Incline Health ensure all patients have a:

  • Precise diagnosis and building trust in the rehabilitation process
  • Firm treatment plan with honest time frames for recovery
  • Empowered to self-manage their condition
  • Reducing the reliance on passive means of care

Incline Health has a unique approach to rehabilitation that aims to correct faulty movement and postures associated with functional activities such as sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, and work or fitness activities. With a vast network of medical professionals to assist in the rehab procedures, Incline Health strives to return patients to full function after injury.

In addition, an individualised therapeutic take-home program will be prescribed to address the contributing factors and promote precision of motion changes.

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