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Physio Rozelle

What is physio?

Chiropractic - Incline Health Sydney Youtube VideoPhysiotherapists are medical professionals who use physical techniques to restore and maintain functional movement, reduce pain and promote healing after illness or injury. Physio techniques include exercise and hands-on treatment like massage and manipulation. The main goal of physiotherapy is to improve health and wellbeing through evidence-based treatment.

What do physiotherapists treat?

Physiotherapists have a wide range of treatment areas including sports medicine, children’s health, women’s health and recovery from injury. The list of things a physio can treat is quite long and includes things like:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Back and neck pain
  • RSI and arthritis
  • Rehabilitation before and after surgery
  • Rehabilitation from strokes, spinal injuries, and brain injuries

What physio services do we provide?

We want to empower you to be healthy and live your best life through education, exercise, and lifestyle modification. Our physiotherapists are expertly trained professionals experienced in injury management and prevention. They will assess and design a personalised treatment program tailored to suit your specific injury or condition.

Physiotherapy Incline Health

Who We Are

We are a collective of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and Pilates professionals, here to inspire and empower our community through the recovery and management of injuries and pain.  We have a strong background in sports and are experts at treating spinal, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle injuries.  Our care providers are all friendly and professional and will put together a customised and personalised treatment plan for you, tailored to your injury, lifestyle, and personal situation.

We use evidence proven, gentle, and safe techniques to help you improve your everyday life and well-being.  We make sure we stay up to date with the latest treatments, advice, and technology to bring you the best physical care.  By having multiple disciplines like chiropractic and physiotherapy working together, we can also make sure that your care is exactly what you need, tailored to your specific injury or condition.  You can trust us to ensure you get the very best treatment to improve your movement and reduce your pain.

Incline Health and Rozelle

Incline health is based in Leichhardt, neighbouring and close by to the suburb of Rozelle.  The trip from the Rozelle public school is usually an 8-10 minute drive, or 15-20 minutes by bus, with buses leaving every 15 minutes. Alternatively, travelling from King George Park takes 12-15 minutes by car, or 25 minutes by bus, with buses leaving every 10 minutes during the day.

As we are only such a short drive away, we have been treating residents of Rozelle for years and giving them the best care.  If you are in Rozelle and looking for help treating pain, injuries, or mobility issues then make an appointment to come down and see us.  Our chiropractors, physiotherapists, and pilates instructors are the industry-leading experts, not just in Rozelle but in the entire Sydney region.  They look forward to helping you and empowering you to move and be pain-free in every aspect of your life.