How To Book Pilates Classes

Clinical Pilates uses comprehensive assessment and exercise techniques tailored to your goals and needs. Our clinically trained Pilates instructor in Leichhardt, Inner West Sydney will work with you to optimise the movement and function of your body across all aspects of life, whether at the gym, at work, at home, at sport or with the kids. After a one-on-one Initial Consultation, you can chose to undertake private or semi-private (max. 3 people) classes. Our instructor will set you up with individual exercises and progressions tailored to your specific needs throughout the class. Clinical Pilates classes are held in our modern and beautifully appointed Pilates studio and incorporate the use of small and large apparatus including the reformer, Cadillac, ladder barrel, Wunda chair and spine corrector.

How Our Clinical Pilates Classes Work


STEP ONE – Your first Clinical Pilates class will be a one-on-one Initial Assessment where a variety of movement test will be performed and goals will be set to form the foundation of your exercise program.


STEP TWO – After your Initial Assessment, your instructor may recommend a one-on-one Private Class depending on your level of experience or injury management needs.


STEP THREE – Once you are ready, you will join a Group Class. Group Classes cater for a maximum of 3 people to ensure a high level of supervision and exercises that are tailored to your individual needs.


STEP FOUR – Every 4-6 months you will undertake a Reassessment to ensure you are on track to reach your fitness and/or injury management goals.


Clinical Pilates Timetable