BLACKROLL® Foam Roller Groove Pro- (hard)




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The BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO benefits include:

  • Structured surface for new stimuli
  • 50% harder than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD
  • For intensive applications
  • Stronger massage effect

The BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO has the high density level of the BLACKROLL® PRO. During fast rolling, the grooves on the surface cause a slight vibration effect, supporting blood circulation of the tissues during activation before exercise and stimulating the receptors in the connective tissues and muscles. The BLACKROLL® GROOVE PRO is particularly useful in performance sports.

Additional information


Warning: the roller is very hard, so it is recommended only for prosecutor and advanced rollers.

Warning: the GROOVE PRO is very hard and therefore recommended to professionals only.

  • rutted / grooved surface for impulsive fascia treatment and stimulation • high density, 50% harder than standard version for stronger effect • appropriate for all exercises on the ground • strong deep tissue massage effect • for prevention and treatment of cellulite

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